Thursday, January 5, 2012

There Be Dragons.

Good day, dear readers! In a rare moment of magnanimity, we are posting a new review quickly as a belated generic winter holiday gift to you! This experiment involved the gorgeous, scintillating dragonfruit. Here is our specimen, in repose on the Science Table.

Being true scientists, we hypothesized what the inside would look like. I suggested it may have a citrus- or pomegranate-like interior. Sasquatch animatedly declared it would be, “A blood-red kiwi! Open it up, Vitamin Water comes out!!!!!”

Upon closer examination, we discovered the mouth, grinning in smug satisfaction.

Assured that it would eat us if we did not eat it first, we set to work. Lengthwise seemed to be the required cut, so we ordered our robot servants to do so.

First taste was declared bland by Sasquatch, but I thought it was delicate. The texture was similar to a slightly drier, more substantial kiwi, but the flavor was somewhat tart with honey-like tones -- rather delightful! I noticed that the flavor was stronger toward the center. Sasquatch decided to test this.

After sliding the piece, still whole, down into his Sasquatchian gullet, he nodded in solemn approval.

Dragonfruit! Our first unilateral success!


  1. The inside looks like mint ice cream, I didn't even think that was possible to exist naturally.

    Also, Sasquatch needs to chew with his mouth closed ;)

  2. Maybe it was just a dragon fruit, but it was still TROGDOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR....