Monday, January 2, 2012

...And You.

Hello, dear readers! It is I, the Scientician! Sasquatch and I have eaten more things so you don’t have to! On today’s menu: Kasugai Beans & You!

The package promised an unoffensive snack food, perhaps to be enjoyed while partaking in an afternoon stroll in the park… or maybe SCIENCE! The allergy warning on the back informed us that this product contains wheat and cuttlefish.

Sasquatch: “How do you even know if you have a cuttlefish allergy? I mean, if you're allergic to peanut butter, they give you, like, anti-peanut-butter. 'Sorry, son, you're allergic to cuttlefish. And echidnas'.”

The package was opened with the assistance of one of our robot servants.

The appearance was very much as promised. With a cry of “Kasugai!”, we consumed our puffy, greenish repast.

Sasquatch spoke first, proclaiming, “It’s as if Corn Pops were made of fish butter and cardboard.” The Snowman, intrigued by this proclamation, emerged from his den to sample our Kasugai Beans (and You). His reaction was coarser: “It’s a cock-teasing wasabi pea.”

I felt they definitely had a slightly fishy taste, but they were also reminiscent of wasabi peas… promising a spicy tang that never came. I mentioned that they might be better if they were saltier. Sasquatch disagreed, “I don’t know if another flavor would help it. It’s got a lot going on to be so bland.”

Despite the blandness and peculiarity, I felt compelled to keep eating them. Even now as I sit writing this, I feel the urge to consume more Kasugai Beans… and you. The one thing that still isn’t clear is the “you” bit. Am I tasting myself? Am I tasting you?

Dear reader, what do you taste like?

Post-script: It is the next day and I am still eating the beans. Apparently my error was in eating just one at a time! Eating several produces the wasabi tang I sorely missed.


  1. Isn't it obvious? I taste of fifty percent devil-fish, forty-eight percent blue inkjet toner, and two percent butterscotch ripple.

    P.S. Why is it I've never seen cuttlefish sushi on a menu?

  2. "The cuttlefish is an ambush predator and a master of disguise." I wouldn't mess with one.

  3. In attempting to revive a dead Norwegian Blue parrot, the offer of "a nice fresh cuttlefish" is frequently employed.

  4. But the Norwegian Blue prefers keepin' on its back! Lovely bird, y'know. Beautiful plumage...